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We can buy your property quickly for cash

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    Why Choose Us

  • Fast Sale: HousesBoughtForCash can buy your home within 4 weeks.

  • Excellent Price: HousesBoughtForCash offers up to 100% of the property value and offers competitive valuations for a fast sale.

  • Guarantee: HousesBoughtForCash promises you to keep 100% of the cash offer price with no fear of sales falling through.

  • No Fees: HousesBoughtForCash will pay your legal and valuation fees. There are no estate agency fees to pay.

How we compare to a typical Open Market Sale

Estate Agent

Quick?   Up to 7 months

Reliable?   Buyers can drop out

Flexible?   Fixed move out date

Help?   No help with mortgage lender

Quick?   Within 4 weeks
Reliable?   Guaranteed Sale
Flexible?   You decide your move date
Help?   We help you take control of your mortgage lender                             

How much could you get?

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